I assisted in the building process for a collection concept, which also included its graphic campaign, fashion show and trade show stand design.

Our goal was to generate a timeless a-seasonal collection capable of seducing with pieces thought to last in the client’s closets for years, following the practices of slow and sustainable fashion.

We wanted to generating an emotional bond between the Brand, its clients and the garments through deep storytelling, including universal values present from the initial inspiration.

We worked as a team to define the cultural concepts that would be present in the collection, generating additional inspirational material for Juliana Correa (the designer), creating an original graphic campaign and fashion show, capable of communicating the brand´s timeless and high-quality values, and of communicating its feminine, passionate and nostalgic spirit.

Juliana Correa won InFashion magazine’s Best New Designer Award for the collection. The runway show received great media coverage and was highly emotional. Even the models felt touched by the story told.

How much of your Brand’s spirit plays a role in the conceptualization process of its products and their launching?

Through a consultancy or through guided workshops, I can help you conceptualize products and services to strengthen your Brand’s universe to set it apart from the competition and make it stand out for the right reasons.