Margara Shaw (Fashion Brand. Uruguay)

I was given the responsibility of creating the concept for a Graphic Campaign and Fashion Film (the brand’s first).

With a classic, yet modern style, Margara Shaw is a Uruguayan female clothing Brand known for its elegance and use of noble materials, such as wool, cotton and leather. Its collections mix both timeless and trendy pieces, allowing the Brand to adapt its style to current trends while keeping its design approach. Differentiating details, such as the use of contrasting colored details and hand-made embroidery, among others, add to the mix.

One of the greatest challenges faced when thinking of a film is to optimize its investment. We generated a piece that, while presenting the Fall-Winter collection, also projected the brand’s essence in a timeless way, so that it could be re-used as a corporate promotional video.
Communicating the right concepts to the film crew was, therefore, played a key role in the process.

I generated a visual script for both the campaign and the video, pointing out the brand’s values and features: its respect for old-school Fashion; the importance of textures; its classic style; the movement of its thick, yet light knits; the empowered, yet soft personality it aims to project.

With the campaign concept document and the script as guides, we managed to create a piece able to communicate through every detail. A relevant factor was that many of the film takes do not even show garments and, yet, communicate the brand’s personality in a solid way. As a result, every scene projects the spirit of Margara Shaw.

The video was used to promote the brand beyond the season collection showcased in it.

Campaigns must communicate a brand’s identity.

¿Which of your brand qualities do your campaigns showcase? ¿Are you clear on what they are and on how to project them in spite of trends and market changes?

Through tools such as Brand Diagnosis, we can check if your Brand is communicating in the best way and can establish a basis as a guide for the creation of its future communication pieces.

Through a Competitive Market Analysis, we can check how it communicates in comparison to its competition.