Margara Shaw II (Fashion Brand. Uruguay) Through Improfit

After carrying out an initial diagnosis, I worked on generating a change in the company’s photographic art direction, in order to update the brand’s image and bring out its style and the attributes of its products.

Uruguayan fashion brand Margara Shaw is known for its elegant style and use of noble materials, such as wool, cotton and leather, combined with hand-made finishes.

Well positioned among high-income women over 45 years of age, I worked with the company in rejuvenating its image. A flowing communication with the design team and styling analysis played a major role in the process.

Textures, warmth and draping became fundamental attributes to portray. The switch involved leaving behind the former focus on the product to capture sensations.

Since then, the company’s photographic art direction has focused on illustrating the brand’s aura and a young and free-spirited lifestyle. Thanks to this, Margara Shaw now enjoys a stronger emotional connection with its consumers, which is strengthened through additional actions and events carried out by the company.

The use of images to tell the story behind the products you offer.

Which role does photography play in your Brand? Which attributes does it bring to light? What story is your photographic style telling?

Analyzing your Brand essence, style, products and images, we can draw up a strategy to capture and communicate what you wish to bring out, in accordance to the different communication channels and platforms available to you.

This strategy will play a major role in the brand experience you create.