Instituto Strasser
BRANDING SEMINAR (with Antonia Echeverri)

I was asked to design and teach a seminar regarding a key issue within Fashion Branding, aimed at a very diverse public (Fashion-related students, professionals and entrepreneurs), for Uruguay’s Design Month (June, 2016).

Colombian Graphic Designer and Branding Expert Antonia Echeverri has great experience building brands and creating brand identities for female entrepreneurs, so I invited her to take part in the project, because I felt that, together, we could deliver even more content. The subject chosen was Brand Building in the Online Universe.

We designed a presentation using diverse Brand examples, including our first experience working together, knowing many would feel identified with such situation.

We also handed out a printed questionnaire where participants could specify their concerns and issues that interested them the most and generated a written summary and complementary content, including comments and questions made during the event, that we sent them via e-mail after the seminar. And some left questions, so we contacted them directly to clear their doubts. In return, they provided further feedback we used to create additional content.

The venue where the seminar took place was packed and additional chairs were brought in. The event brought in students, independent entrepreneurs and well-known brands. We received excellent feedback on behalf of the institute and participants, who requested that a new event be held to discuss the matter further.

What kind of online Universe are you building through your brand?

Are you projecting what you wish to project?

I can help you create a strategy and social network guidelines to manage how people see you Brand and strengthen the bond between your Brand and its consumers.