If you could build the best Brand in the world, what would it be like?

Now, imagine knowing the tools and techniques to make it possible.

That’s where I come in.

Together, we can build a brand that makes you proud and let’s you leave your mark in the world.

The pathway will be challenging, exciting and enriching.


My name is Eva Medalla and I became a Brand Consultant almost by chance. Almost… because it was actually my passion for storytelling, Fashion and Branding that got me here.

My family and I moved to Canada right after I turned thirteen. To my surprise, very few even knew where Latin America was. It came as a revelation: we needed a strong Brand. And we still have a long way to go, to reach our level of potential.

Brands have always fascinated me: I’ve thought and rethought about them since I can remember. My restlessness brought me back to South America, where I began to analyze every Brand I came across, especially Fashion brands. My recurring thought: “If they changed this and improved that, it would be amazing!” So, I began taking pictures and notes of what I thought could be improved and of what I considered good ideas. Living in Chile, I really didn’t have a place or the means to study the level of Branding I desired, so I figured that was a way to start.

And, boy, am I glad I did…

“ I interviewed so many industry representatives, contacted so many organizations and sent so many e-mails, I started getting sponsored to attend international events. ”

During a Fashion Week in Madrid, my friend and colleague Carol Garcia mentioned she needed to take pictures of people wearing all sorts of jeans for a client:

– I know where to go! I’ll take you!- I said. I opened up my PowerBook and, in it, a folder with over a hundred pictures of people wearing jeans of all kinds, taken from the same corner six months earlier. – I call it “the jean corner,” I said. “Everyone who walks by it wears denim!”

After tagging along Carol’s assignment that afternoon, we returned to the hotel.

—I didn’t know you did research reports for brands as well, —she said.

—I don’t. I do them for myself. It’s my way of learning. I analyze and predict trends and then wait and see if I’m right. It’s like a game.

—Would you like to work for a jean company? —she asked.

—Actually, my dream is to work for Victoria’s Secret. I’d love to learn from them, because they changed the whole lingerie scenario. I lived in Canada when that phenomenon pretty much exploded: the push-up bras; the Stephanie Seymour catalogues; the irruption of color… and then, the “Angels,” the Concorde… I’d love to learn from a Brand like that.

My friend looked at me in silence and then smiled.

—You’re not gonna believe this, but Victoria’s Secret is one of my clients. And we’ve been searching for someone who can do what I do. And I think we may have just found her!

And, just like that, I experienced my first formal Brand Universe Building training using tools such as Moodboards and Storytelling, in the US, at the Victoria’s Secret Headquarters.

I know building a Brand requires time and money, but the main ingredient is a brand’s own story. And I bet you have an unbelievable one.

The world is changing: it’s the authentic brands, with a true essence, that make a difference and enchant with their details. People are looking to connect, to be touched, to be inspired. It’s a return to the essential; to the meaningful.

We need to build unique brands, capable of showing uniqueness, personality… that they have a soul.

My passion is to help build Brands that help position us in the world map for the right reasons.

I think we can help change the world doing what we love to do, because passion helps you do things right.


Silvina Tocchetti
Mind Nutrition (Uruguay, Latin America)

Working with Eva is to discover the raw material in you so that she can help shape it. It’s lots of patience, positive vibes, and peace; creative spaces and an ongoing process that will always be alive. All mixed under an exquisite, subtle editorial and aesthetic eye.

Juliana Correa
Designer, Creative Director. OnA (Colombia)

Eva arrives filled with questions, moved by a skill built with truth and passion. Honest, calm, paused, cautious, delicate and clear. She digs and digs deeper, thinks and rethinks, learns and re-learns… Delivers and delivers once more. Eva comes to stay.

Julián Posada
Brand Consultant, Independent Curator.

Eva Medalla is an accurate and sensitive professional, capable of connecting and articulating scenarios and stories from here and there. This allows her to see beyond the obvious and discover unexplored aspects in brands, projects and individuals.

My Short Story

I was born in Chile, the longest country in the world. My father had his own print shop; my grandmothers were both Teachers and School Principals; and my mom carried her life written down in notebooks. The dining room of our house was a magical place and everything revolved around the table: food was the excuse that accompany the enthusiasm, laughter, the worried looks and the moments of silence that came with the stories told there.

My family moved to Canada when I had just turned thirteen. I learned English, experienced diversity, and attended an Art-focused school that offered a special Fashion program. Fashion is a topic that has fascinated me forever.

I loved living in Toronto, but my soul was way too Latina. I returned to South America as soon as I could: I moved to Uruguay, where my aunt and uncle also live.

After living by the Rio de la Plata’s shore a few years, I headed back to Chile, where I studied Communication and worked as a Journalist for an international business news agency. I also began teaching and my consulting business around that time.

In 2010, I returned to Uruguay and decided to focus my career path on Branding and Brand Communication once and for all.

Today, live happily in Montevideo with my husband Gastón, our two kids, Eva and Antonio, and our cat Toby. From here, I help build and improve brands that serve the world J

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