The world needs better brands.
And yours can be one of them.
Let’s build the Brand of your dreams!

We’re authentically passionate: we want to live authentically; to love what we do and surround ourselves with; to créate sincerely and purposely. Whatever we do will go beyond our interests. We wanna be part of the Change movement.

That’s what the brands I help build are like: solid, of strong values, innovative and committed. Brands that aim to leave their mark in the world. Brands that reflect the soul of those who create them.

How do I do it?
Following the truth: I bring out their essence and design strategies to communicate it through every detail.


No matter what size your Project is or the stage it’s at, the knowledge I apply and tools I use can be adapted to your needs. Let’s make your Brand make you proud.

  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Workshops and Conferences
  • Online Courses (Coming Soon)
My name is Eva Medalla and I’m a Brand Consultant. Thanks to my specialization in Communication, Fashion and Branding, I have worked with brands foro ver ten years, helping them build solid Brand universes and design strategies to help them reach their goals.

To travel the world of Branding without moving our desk Visit my blog

To travel the world of Branding without leaving your desk 

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