The Key Behind a Personal Brand



A brand is not a pretty logo nor just a name. A brand is what the other perceives when faced by the sign that identifies what you offer. A brand is communication.


A personal brand is based on the story of a particular person and can be homonymous – named after its creator or whomever inspired it- or have a fantasy name.


It is a work of permanent curatorship, where the essence does not change, but it does evolve. It is the construction of a universe that must be able to convey the same in every detail.


What should you be clear about? You should always understand why you do what you do and who you do it for.




How did you get here? What inspired you? There are experiences that marked you forever and are the great reason behind what you do. They hide the essence of your brand, its soul. There are the values ​​on which your project is based.


Do you want to create a brand people can fall in love with? Make it sincere, capable of seducing your ideal client. Do not seek to please everyone; focus on the kind of person you really want to connect with through what you do.


Your story makes you unique and will generate feelings between your work and who consumes it. What one feels weighs more than what one thinks. The brands we fall in love with are those that arouse positive feelings among their followers. And a healthy love relationship has to be reciprocal: your client has to feel that you care. And for that to happen, it has to be true: there must be a real drive leading you to make sure you facilitate and enrich your client’s life.




How do you choose what to say? Life is made of small great stories. If you decided to become an entrepreneur, there is something about you – a force – that made you decide one day that you wanted to do things differently, which encouraged you to say “I want, I can and I will do it.” Think about the stories that marked you the most. Sometimes they are very powerful memories and sometimes anecdotes that seem small, but that always come to mind. Evoke them with as much detail as possible. Write them down and start editing: see which ones are similar and choose the most significant ones, from there, look again for common points among those that remain. In these stories you will find the FUNDAMENTAL VALUES of your brand.


Brands, like people, are full of values. The core values ​​are those in which your brand does not compromise; they’re non negotiable. They are the ones that will be seen in the details: they must be FELT.





What will you create? Does it already exist? What will your version be like? How is it different?


Your Brand Universe is the imaginary world that you build around what you do. Through that world, you will connect with your ideal client and an emotional bond will grow between you. Think about the type of message you want to convey, the story you want to tell. What part of you is a contribution to your client and, therefore, your brand, and what isn’t? You will have to strategically separate between what is you and what is your brand. Choose to show what makes you vibrate, what you think is vital, because it will be important for your ideal client. Think, above all, about the type of world that your ideal client is interested in and help make it happen through your brand. A brand is not built by one: it is an imaginary world built between all those who interact with it. It’s teamwork, but you give it its soul. Do not focus on what others do. Do your thing, in the best possible way. And always ask yourself:

What kind of world do you want to help build?

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