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Finally! I have long wanted to create a space to talk about your brand and this podcast is the perfect excuse to do so.

I wanted to start at the base, which is to understand what I mean when I talk about Branding, Brands and their Construction.

Often, Branding is thought to be the design of a brand’s graphic identity: its logo, its color palette, fonts, isotype, etc. But that is only part. It is an important part, but that become worthless in the long run if not accompanied with real brand building work behind it.

Initially, trademarks were used to communicate ownership. That changed when the human being began to add value. Thus, a brand went from being an identifying seal to being a distinctive seal, communicating a series of qualities and characteristics that define it: to evoke an entire universe or lifestyle.

To talk about a brand, I always start from its history, because its essence is hidden in it: its values, its personality and everything that makes it unique. We will build a whole universe around the work that the brand does, based on that essence.

That base – its essence or soul – is what will make others fall in love with your brand and it is what I work hard to strengthen and boost. It is what will allow it to stand out from the rest despite offering the same product or service. Content is what makes it different: its purpose, its story, its vision.

The heart of a brand’s soul is held by its core values: where it draws the line.

In the case of my own brand, Eva Medalla, the core values are: passion, camaraderie and storytelling as a means to provide information and help educate.

Defining core values implies a process that, with experience, becomes quicker, but will always requires a deep, sincere conversation. It’s based on them that I work to define the essence, and then build an entire universe to support it.

Branding is the work we do to guide your audience’s perception and to incorporate the soul of your brand into it.

Only once we know what we want others to feel when facing your label can we talk about graphic identity: colors, fonts and a logo, among other things. These are intentional decisions and each decision, if strategic, has to be based on concrete reasons.

As Simon Sinek says: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

Got any questions about Brand Building? Comment below so I can answer them.

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